Ceramic panel “Child with a flower”




This rectangular panel made of enameled ceramic by Jules Loebnitz in the second half of the 19th century depicts a child, holding a bow in one hand, and a flower in the other one. It was realised after a painting by Emile Lévy (1826-1890).

Emile Lévy, The Painting, oil on canvas, Musée de la Céramique Architecturale d’Auneuil

France, after 1878
Dimensions : H : 98 cm, L : 40 cm


During the 1878 World’s Fair, Paul Sédille realized the door of the Palais des Beaux-Arts, while Jules Loebnitz was in charge of the ceramic decoration of the facade, in order to advocate the revival of architectural polychromy. For this purpose, he made a serie of three panels, taking as a model the paintings of Emile Lévy, now owned by the Musée de la céramique architecturale of Auneuil, depicting Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, transposed to enamel by Lazar Meyer, a student of the painter.

Enameled ceramic panel “The Painting” by Jules Loebnitz and Lazar Meyer, 1878


The Painting depicts a scene on which we can see a man painting three naked women in the characteristic position of the Three Graces. Cupid, asking for a flower held by one of the woman, has most likely been used as a model for the one we can see on our panel, as they have the exact same body position.

Indeed, the naked red-headed child is viewed from the side on both panels, with a straight left leg while the other is bent. He’s holding a bow in his left hand and stretching his other hand to the sky, which he is looking up to. The difference appears with the flower held by the child in our panel. Unlike the original painting, the background is more abstract : the only decoration is a flower behind the child.


Wa can see in the manufacture’s plates another model of panel depicting the same child but in front of a slightly different background. This same panel is owned by the Parisian Musée des Arts et Métiers.

Comparative work

Ceramic panel with another version of the “Child with a flower”, owned by the musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

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